We pioneered the award-winning and innovative rotational molding process used to make the entire line of Triumph Boats.

RPD specializes in rotational molding. It’s a unique process that can be used to make parts so small they fit in the palm of your hand to products as big as a, well, 23’ boat.

The material we use is virtually indestructible. It won’t absorb water, degrade in the sun or break if you smash it with a hammer. The color is molded all the way through so there are no coatings to worry about.

The green color of our 1019 console is baked in through and through – so it will never scratch or peel off.

Our proprietary material is loaded into a hollow mold. Once the mold is closed it begins to rotate and goes into a 500˚ oven that begins to rock. As the mold heats up this “rock and roll” process evenly distributes the material onto the interior surface of the mold.

We monitor the internal temperature of the part through the entire process. Once we know it’s fully “cooked” we take the rotating mold out of the oven and let the part cool in the mold. Once it’s cooled enough we open the mold and remove the part.

This is often just the beginning of the process as we continue to control the rest of the cooling process and perform a series of secondary operations to yield a finished part.

Do you need a product with insulation and some extra stiffness? We have extensive experience working with “foaming PE”. Basically this is our standard material with a blowing agent mixed into it. By using a multi-step cooking process we can create a part with a solid outer layer or skin and inner layer of rigid foam that makes for a really strong part. It’s great for bait tanks and other specialty products.