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Specializing in Rotational Molding.  Design,Tooling and Molded Products


Our Services

  - Engineering and Product Development: From idea to production. Send us your sketch, engineering drawing or 3D model file and let's get started!  

- Rotational Mold Construction: Fabricated and CNC in Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel;  Read about Hybrid Tooling under "About Us".  No project too large or too small.  We are happy to modify or refurbish your existing mold (fabricated or cast)

- Roto Molding: Our custom designed and built, state of the art, shuttle oven allows us to precisely control the molding of parts up to 11' long and 6' wide. We specialize in multilayer molding; skin/foam or skin/foam/skin. We welcome challenging, prototype and short run projects. If you have a high volume project we work with the largest molders in the region to ensure you the best fit and service 

- See our new line of Proprietary Products!

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Rotational Molding


 Rotational Molding or Roto Molding is often the best choice when large or hollow plastic parts are needed.  Of all the molded plastic processes, roto molded parts have almost zero stress or "knit lines" and can have very uniform wall thicknesses with a variety of colors and exterior finishes.

Roto Molding is the process of choice for low to medium volume production runs.  Mold construction is relatively inexpensive and sometimes the only answer for very large parts.  When it comes to roto molding, mold making and molding plastic we believe we offer many advantages. 

Utilizing foaming technology can offer significant structural improvements as well as thermal and sound insulation.  Our oven is designed with this technology in mind.  

If we can design and build a 23' rotationally molded boat with a 300 hp motor on the back, we can probably help with your project.

 With our experience we are in a unique position to help with your rotational molding process issues, foaming PE, part distortion, fixturing, surface porosity, part filling, structural issues and material selection.  We have extensive experience in molding plastic parts including injection molding, vacuum forming and extrusion

About Us


We are your "boutique" rotomolding solution!  We want to be responsible for your project from concept through production. The Revolution Team started together at Triumph Boats in 1995. During our tenure, Triumph won the Best Product Awards by both The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and The Association of Rotational Molders (ARM).  During our combined 32 years at Triumph they were named in multiple patents and collectively recognized as the leaders in the design and construction of some of the largest and most complex rotational tooling in the world.

We pioneered the use of a mold making technique we call "Hybrid Tooling", the combination of cast and fabricated tooling.  Hybrid tooling can offer unique advantages in cost, mold accuracy, fairness and overall project viability.  Large cast molds are expensive and very large cast mold require that multiple castings be welded together which often results in lack of fairness and structural issues.  We have successfully produced many molds using this technique with outstanding results.  We can handle mold projects of almost any size from 6 inches to 25 feet.

We are not afraid of "never been done before" projects with our history of innovation, problem solving and creative solutions we are confident we can help you with any of your design or roto molding needs.  We would be happy to review your project with you; whether it's a new mold for you or your customer or a or product idea you are looking to get off the ground; give us a call at 919-949-0241


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